Affiliate Programs

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Affiliate Programs

Imagine what it would be like if you could earn a passive income just by referring your friends, family and colleagues to Blackthorn Group’s services, training and courses. You can earn an income and generate tax savings, just by joining our affiliate program. If you’ve already planned to refer others to Blackthorn Group, then ask yourself this question; Why not get paid for it?

It’s As Easy As It Sounds!

Step #1: Join our affiliate program by filling out the form below.

Step #2: Once you’ve joined the affiliate program you can login to your affiliate account
at any time. Here you will have access to all promotional marketing materials for you
to generate large recurring residual income on a regular basis.

Step #3: Sit back, relax and collect those affiliate cheques!

Now you might be wondering, how does this work? By using an affiliate marketing program for referral, you are provided with your own unique affiliate code that will be embedded in the website link. Your code will then be tracked by our affiliate marketing system. When a referral clicks on your unique link directing them to Blackthorn Group’s websites and they purchase a program/service you earn money. Watch for our upcoming how to videos to help you navigate through this program. It’s simple and easy and we’ll guide you through.

Blackthorn Group pays up to 10% for any referral to any of our services, training and courses. The more people you refer using the affiliate marketing program, the higher the percentage you will earn.

Referral Pay Structure:
• 5% on-going fee for any Blackthorn Bookkeeping client referral.
• 10% on-going fee for any Blackthorn Group training or course referral.

Using your unique affiliate marketing code, it’s easy to let your friends, family and colleagues know about Blackthorn Group’s services, training and courses.

The best affiliate program is a program that gives you your own unique affiliate code. Affiliate marketing has never been so easy!

Earning An Income Made Easy!

Like most people, you probably are an avid user of social media. So why not use this to your advantage? By using your affiliate code link on your social media platform, you can take the work out of referring. Simply copy and paste your unique link to people within your network and share the services you’ve used, the services you think they need OR even share the exciting benefits of being an affiliate.

Go Beyond the Affiliate Program

Unlock a hidden benefit of becoming a member of an affiliate program. By being an affiliate marketer, you have the opportunity to take your program membership to a new level of making money.

Many people are able to use their affiliate partnerships as a small business. You can save thousands on your taxes by claiming your marketing efforts as a business expense. Having access to affiliate tools, custom keyword links and promotion materials allows you to take your referral business past your family, friends and colleagues. You can earn more money by reaching out to people in your communities and saving money on your taxes.

As you send people to Blackthorn Group, you earn money. It’s so easy!

To begin, please complete the form below.
Once completed a confirmation will be sent to your emails with specific program details.