How to Invest


The #1 question that clients ask is…


How to Invest?


Whether you have $10 or over $100,000, the end goal remains the same – to make money!

In my experience, most people’s investment goal is driven on the premiss of making money so that thwy can retire earlier and enjoy life without any financial burden. They start by asking the question – “How to Invest?”. This is actually a very good question as there are so many options available; from investments in bonds, mutual funds, hedge funds to stocks or even just plain simple savings plans. There is also investing in real estate and private equities; the list can go on for ever.

With so many options available to you, you may find it very difficult to determine how to invest your hard earned cash.

You could start by asking yourself these questions:

• Should I invest my money for the short-term or the long-term?
• Are there investments options that do both?

By asking yourself these key questions, you can determine your investment goals and find out how to achieve those goals.

Some of the investment options available to you, such as hedge funds, can generate more money but they also cost a lot of money to manage. This cost has a negative effect on your overall investment goals and portfolio because it ends up reducing your overall savings. But, there are other investment options out there that will not cost you a lot to manage. These investments are known as index funds; they can generate higher returns with very little money from your investment taken to manage the fund. You will find this extremely important to your investment goals as it creates a better long-term savings plan for your investments.

Understand the fees associated with investments.

Like most people, you have probably put your savings into an RRSP or TFSA and you most likely also have somebody else managing it through the use of mutual funds. Before someone asks the question how to invest, they usually jump to this option without realizing how it can actually work against their investment goals. Not realizing the high fees that come along with this type of investment option can have negative effects on the long-term growth of your investments. By identifying your investment goals you can choose the best option for you to maximize your wealth and achieve your investment goals without losing money in high fees. Studies have shown that the seemingly small fee charged to mutual funds called a Management Expense Ratio (MER) is actually taking more than 40% of the gains from an average mutual fund.

Take control of your money.

Taking control of your investment funds and understanding how to invest your money is something far too many people do not do properly. Avoid the surprise of when looking at your retirement of not having the savings that you thought you would. Index funds have fast become the place to invest your RRSP, TFSA, LIRA and even non-registered funds as the low fee structure of an index fund preserves much of your gains that erodes your long term value in a traditional mutual fund.

If you want to increase your savings and learn how to invest better, you need to identify people who have had success with their investments, and learn from their success to create yours. It is only from identifying these individuals will you be able to learn how to invest and generate the savings you want over the short and long-term. The simplicity of index funds make them an easy choice for any investor from beginner to seasoned and when you look at the results of an index fund compared to your mutual fund, you will very quickly see where your hard earned investment dollars should be and how easy it is to maximize your savings.

Become a money manager today!
Learning proper money management and the proper way to invest can be your greatest investment. Invest in yourself and generate the wealth you desire for the life you want. Investing smart is actually a lot easier than most people believe. At Blackthorn, we have taught many people how to address their investments and earn far more than what they believed was possible.

Blackthorn recognizes that there are some very simple investment strategies that anybody can do with just a little guidance in getting started. These investment strategies can generate much higher returns on your money and in your savings than the current managed mutual funds available to you. You can learn strategies as simple as doing online banking that can increase your returns by 40% or more. It is time to take action, learn how to invest your money. All you need to do is take the first step. Take control of your money management and learn how to invest for the greatest returns.

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