Return on Investment

Return on Investment Strategies that allow you to generate free money! Find out how investing your money in property,
real estate and private equity will lead to higher returns.

growing-your-money-with-investments Are you new to investing?
Or maybe you’ve been investing for a while and are curious as to how your investments can do better.

Return on investment is the key measurement that tells you how well your investments are doing. Being aware of this key performance indicator is essential in maintaining your investment portfolio and the success of your wealth management plan. Your return on investment can be viewed as a dollar value of how many dollars you’ve earned as related to how many dollars you invested. It can also be viewed as a percentage expressing what percent you have earned compared to how much you put in. Return on investment figures are usually calculated on an annual basis.

Like most savvy investors, you are probably looking to achieve a higher return on your investments. If you want a higher return on investment you need to look outside the box of traditional investment offerings.

What are 3 Investments types that could get you a higher return on investment?

• Index Funds
• Real Estate
• Private Equity offerings

If the thought of expanding your investments into higher return index funds, real estate and private equities scares you, my recommendation would be to seek out investment guidance from an experienced investor. At Blackthorn Investments we pride ourselves on our experience and proven results.

“How can I increase my Return On Investment
with Index Funds, Real Estate and Private Equities?”

Index funds are low fee equity investments that are a rewarding alternative to mutual funds. Index funds offer great diversification for better security, a low fee base for keeping more of the profits in your portfolio and a simple strategy that can drive large profits for you from the normal ups and downs of the stock markets.
When investing in Real Estate there are three principles you need to become aware of that will generate the greatest return on investment from the money you invest. You want to be in areas where you can get the lowest price property for the money you are investing for generating the most equity growth in appreciation from the property. You also want to generate a good income from the rent your tenants’ will pay.

If you’re looking to maximize your return on investments, Private Equities offer a high rate of return. Private equity funds and private equity portfolios often have a higher return on investment for the dollars you are investing because they invest in higher yield vehicles. Investing in higher yield vehicles creates the larger return on investment that experienced and successful investors look for.

You can benefit from private equities in many different industries. They can offer you different rates of return depending on the structure of the investing you choose.A private equity fund with property holdings, especially real estate property gives you added security while generating larger returns of income and growth. Blackthorns experience and knowledge allows us to offer a wide range of private equity offerings that generate returns for the investor looking to increase their wealth and net worth.

…Imagine what it would be like to generate income effortlessly

Well, the tides have shifted and you can. Never in history has it been as easy as it is right now for people just like you to make money like the banks do. Banks for years have taken your money in the form of deposits into an account, savings accounts, GICs etc. They then paid you a low interest amount and then lend the money to someone else at a higher interest amount and made millions of dollars on the difference between what they pay you and what they get paid. They make money off of your money, it’s free money for them.

Now it’s your turn, with interest rates so low, the opportunity to make money is huge. By borrowing from the bank at the low interest rates currently offered and investing it in a secure investment at a higher interest rate. You will earn money like the bank. You will earn money from their money. Not using any of your money, using theirs. This is free money to you. Would you agree that banks tend to know what they are doing? Most of the money banks bring in gets lent out for real estate purchases. If banks invest in real estate and banks make a lot of money. Does it not make sense to invest in Real Estate? Invest in the security of Bricks and Mortar.

Generate an infinite return on investment by obtaining your investing dollars from banking institutions that will lend against your equity. You earn profits from their low interest rate money.

That’s all well and good but…. How do I obtain the funds to earn these profits?

There are two popular ways for generating free money:

•Borrow against the equity in your home at a low rate and invest that money at a higher return
•Generate free money through car loans

If you’re serious about maximizing your return on investment, you need to take the first step, and take control of your financial situation. Being aware of your return on investment is essential in maintaining your investment portfolio and the success of your wealth management plan. To reach your investment goals and receive your desired gains starting with the right investment choices is key.

If you haven’t yet made the decision to increase your return on investment through index funds, real estate or private equity, what are you waiting for?

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